Your Board

Your club needs you!  Join your board!

Club bylaws do not restrict the size of our board nor our roles written in stone. This means that anyone wanting to help can... and can help in pretty much any way they want to.  To get involved, contact us at or just show up at a board meeting!

The following are just some of the areas we need help in:
  • Communications including Newsletter and Internet Presence
  • Speaker Coordinator
  • Fund Raising
  • Fly Tying Activities Coordinator
Also note that most every current board member is willing to train you to do what they are currently doing... allowing you not only to take over their duties but allowing them to take on some new challenge.

Board meetings are usually held every third Wednesday of the month but may be held otherwise depending on club activities. The club calendar can be consulted for current meeting information. HSFC members are encouraged to attend and participate! Board meetings are held at Warren Reed Insurance at 1521 Highway 395 North (Map) in Gardnerville. Meetings start at 6:30pm.

Your board can be reached by email at This is a mailing list that your board utilizes to discuss various topics before the board. While you do not need to be subscribed to post to this list, HSFC members are welcomed to subscribe and participate in board discussions. Some might consider this a first step in becoming a board member. To subscribe, send an email to and follow the instructions in the message you get in response to confirm your subscription. Your subscription will be announced to the list.

Current HSFC Officers
Member Position
Jim Norton President
Unfilled Vice President
George Liddell Treasurer
Unfilled Recording Secretary

Current HSFC Board of Directors

Member Position
Kirk Chiapella Conservation
Jim Norton Education
Bob Taormina Membership & Publicity
Kurt Zeilenga Fish Master
Current officersAt Large (unless separately listed)
You?Make it your own!