What is the High Sierra Fly Casters?

High Sierra Fly Casters is an eating club with a fishing problem.

How often does the club meet?

The club has typically as a general meeting once per month. Some months the general meeting is replaced by a social activity, like our annual picnic or movie night, or a fund raiser. We don't meet in December. See our calendar for current schedule of events.

When and where do you meet?

General meetings are usually held at the Elks Lodge at 1227 Kimmerling Road (Map) in Gardnerville "Ranchos" on second Wednesday of the month. Doors open at about 6:30pm. Meeting starts at about 7:00pm. Check the club Announce mailing list for specific meeting details.

What happens at the meetings?

  • Usually we have a speaker who tells us how to catch more fish — whether they catches any or not. 
  • A raffle of fly fishing items. 
  • Updates on where to fish, club activities, outings and conservation projects. 
  • Lots of backslapping, yarn spinning and good fellowship.

Is bragging okay?

Sure. You are encouraged to brag at general meetings and on our Facebook discussion group.

How do I join?

You feel out a form, write a check, and get both to us. For details, see Join! Then we'll teach you the secret handshake.

What's the secret handshake?

If we told you it wouldn't be a secret.

What are the other club activities?

  • We fish, we eat!
  • We conduct many cleanup and habitat projects on our home waters.
  • We are planning various fly tying and casting classes.
  • We have a mentor program where we pair up someone who wants to learn something with someone who might be able to teach something.
  • We have a number of education programs, such as Trout in the Classroom and Reel Recovery.

When members talk about fishing, do any of them lie?

Absolutely not! We also never get skunked.

How do members keep up on club news?

They read our announcements and/or follow us on Facebook. Listening at meetings might help too.

Do members of the High Sierra Fly Casters ever get skunked?


Who makes all the executive decisions for the club?

The club is run by an all-volunteer and very wise board of directors, who usually hold their high-level meetings on the third Wednesday of every month (excepting December) at Warren Reed Insurance at 1521 Highway 395 (Map) in Gardnerville. Any member who wants to help run their club is welcomed to! Let any board member member know you want to help... or just start attending board meetings. Rumor has it that Minden Meat and Deli provides ribs and beer for our board meetings. Meetings start at 6:30pm. Check the club Announce mailing list for specific meeting details.

Are you sure there are no lies at these meetings?

Absolutely! Would we lie to you?