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Fly Box

While every stream and lake has it nuances and every day can be quite a different day, there are a few fly patterns which work well pretty much all year long around in the Eastern Sierras. While there are many factors in this, simply put, a few fly patterns simply work reasonable well on most any water on most any day. It's generally a good idea to check a hatch chart before heading out as that will help you dial not just the fly pattern, but the color and size. Here's a few to consider for your Eastern Sierra Fly Box:

Dry Fly Selection

Nymph Selection

Streamer Selection

Wet Fly Selection

Of course, you could just stop by your local fly shop and ask them what's working for where you are going.. and purchase from them whatever they recommend.

Want to ties these yourself? Check out the fly patterns for these and much more at Steveojai's

Have favorites of your own? Chat them up in our Facebook discussion group or at a general meeting.