Essential Knots

Knots are essential in fly fishing rigging. In a typical fly fishing rig, knots are used to attach an artifical fly to the tippet, the tippet to the leader, the leader to the flyline, the flyline to backing, and the backing to reel. For each of these connections, there are many different knots one could use. While many fishers take great pride in mastering the tying of all knots used in their fly fishing rigs, a fly fisher must only master the knots they need to tie on the water.

Fly fishers need to master just two knots: a knot to attach an artifical fly to tippet and a knot to attach tippet to a leader. For the former, the improved clinch knot will do. For the latter, the triple surgeon knot will do. Only after you've mastered a knot for each of these purposes should you consider master another knot, whether as an alternative for one of these purposes, or one for another purpose.

This article was written by Kurt Zeilenga.