The club newsletter is called fishstories.... and is generally published monthly, January through November. Publication notices are sent to our announce mailing list. The latest newsletter can be viewed below. Previously published newsletters can be found in our archives. The newsletter is edited by Wes Peterson.


Contribution Guidelines

For club members, friends, and the community: We seek family-friendly, fly-fishing-related contributions to our newsletter, Fishstories. Your submissions can be articles, photographs, and most anything else that pertains to the sport.

Please submit content via email to our editor, Wes Peterson, at Include your name, phone number, and email address with your submission. If your content is time-sensitive, please note this.

One of the great things about email is that you can bold, underline, and italicize text, which we'll strive to preserve in the newsletter. You don't need to worry about font sizes or styles. We'll normalize those to give the newsletter a consistent appearance.

Photographs are wonderful. You can either attach them to your email or embed them within it – whichever is easier for you. A bit of caption text to go with pictures is always helpful; names of people, places, and significant, but non-obvious details.

Please don't worry about your qualifications as a writer. Our newsletter isn't a writing contest. Our editor can help with some of that stuff.

Please submit material by the 15th of the month. This gives us the necessary time to work with you on any suggested edits.

Note that we may not always be able to publish submissions received in the next newsletter. If we postpone publication of your content, we'll let you know as soon as we can. The best way to ensure your time-sensitive content is published in a particular issue is to submit it well before the 15th.