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For those who like a challenge, CDFW and NDOW both have challenges you can take on.
  • California Heritage Trout Challenge - catch six different trout native to California in their historic drainages. The native trout species are the coastal, Lahontan, and Paiute cutthroat trout, the coastal, Eagle Lake, and Kern River rainbow trout, the McCloud, Goose Lake, and Warner Lakes redband trout, and California and Little Kern golden trout. Catch all for a master certificate! CDFW has a nice guide.
  • Nevada Native Fish-Slam - catch all six native salmonid species occurring in northern Nevada. The native species are the Lahontan, Bonneville, and Yellowstone cutthroat trout, inland redband trout, bull trout, and mountain whitefish.
How to identify native and wild trout? Checkout this streamside guide produced by and

If you choose to take on either of these challenges or have completed either, please let your fish master, Kurt at, know. He's also working on these challenges and would be happy to share information with you. Also, feel free to post questions about these programs as well as occasional updates on your progress to, our Discussion mailing list.