Fish Outs

The club holds at least a half-dozen fish outings each year on local waters. We call these fish outs. Aside from fishing at fish outs, we exchange fly fishing information, socialize, eat, and enjoy the great outdoors. Occasionally we have camp outs as well, especially when the fishery is a couple of hours or more away.

Please see the club calendar for the current schedule of fishing and other activities.

Mentoring is typically available at fish outs to help you improve your fly fishing skills. To arrange for mentoring, contact us at a few days prior to the fish out. Please note what you'd like help with (casting, fly selection, etc.).  Mentoring sessions at fish outs are typically limited to 15 minutes or so.

As always, fish outs are subject to changes... possibly even at the last minute. Changes are announced on the club's announce mailing list. As a general rule, if there are chain controls up on the route to/from the fish out, the fish out is canceled.

We generally encourage attendees to practice keep fish wet catch and release fishing. We do not object to responsible harvesting of fish.

We recommend wearing an appropriate personal floatation device when fishing a float or wading in above-the-knee moving water. We also recommend use of a wading staff in running water. We recommend wearing polarized sunglasses with UV protection while fly fishing (or near anyone throwing hooks).  We recommend hooks be debarbed for your safety and those who you might fish around... and it good for the fish too. We expect those attending our fish outs to adhere to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Please share photos you've taken during our fish outs by sending them to or, if you happen to be on Facebook, by posting them in our Facebook chat group.

For more information about our fishing activities, please our Fishing Coordinator, David Hallett at