Our free mentorship program is designed to help our members, whether new to the sport or quite experienced, improve their fly fishing skills or gain knowledge about our local fisheries. Here are just some of the areas we can help you with:

Don't yet own a fly rod and/or reel? Or maybe yours is out for repair. Or you are going on some fly fishing adventure and would like to have a spare. We have a limited amount of fly fishing equipment available for members to borrow.

Our mentoring is provided by club members on a purely volunteer basis. Our mentors are not licensed guides. One-on-one and group sessions scheduled independently of club events, such as fish outs, are generally one hour or less in duration (depending on the topic/skill and mentor availability). Sessions scheduled to take place at a club event, such as a fish out, are generally about 15 minutes in duration.

Contact our mentoring coordinator at to arrange for a mentor or to volunteer to mentor or to request an equipment loan.

Mentoring is also available to local youths. We provide assistance to those pursuing scouting merit badges and similar awards in fly fishing, fly tying, or other fishing activities, as well as group education in various aspects of the fly fishing sport. HSFC will provide necessary gear where needed.

For individual mentoring, contact our mentoring coordinator at  For group educational activities, contract our youth coordinator at