Walker River basin Still Waters

This page provides information about many of the significant public still water fisheries within the Walker River basin.

  • Bridgeport Reservoir - a 4000-acre reservoir (when full) near Bridgeport, CA. Holds plenty of rainbow and brown trout.

  • Green Lake, East Lake, and West Lake - a set of high mountain lakes in the Hoover Wilderness. Green Lake is a 2.5 mile hike from the Green Lake trailhead, with East Lake and West Lake requiring an additional one mile of hiking. Access from Green Lake road off of US 395 near Bridgeport.

  • Kirman Lake - a small lake in the West Walker drainage. Holds Lahanton cutthroat and brook trout. Accessible by trailhead on CA 108 just west of US 395. A 3-mile hike/bike.

  • Leavitt Lake - a 58-arce alpine lake located a few miles south of Sonora Pass. Holds rainbows (reportedly Kamloops) and brookies. Ski Lake, a small lake east of Leavitt Lake, holds California golden trout. Leavitt Lake can be accessed by Leavitt Lake road, a 4x4 road off of CA 108, when open (typically open only a few months in the late summer and early fall). Ski Lake can be accessed from the Ski Lake trailhead on Leavitt Lake road (1/2 mile hike).

  • Lobdell Lake - A lake in the sweetwater range feed by Deep Creek. While it is the home of the California grayling record fish, today you won't find any. The lake now holds brook trout. Access is from Burcham Flat Road off of US 395 by 4x4. Dispersed camping allowed.

  • Topaz Lake - A 2,400-arce lake straddling the CA / NV state line. The lake holds rainbow trout, brown trout, bowcuts, smallmouth bass, and common carp. Camping and lodging are available.

  • Twin Lakes - A pair of lakes above Bridgeport, CA. Stocked with rainbows but also home of the California state record brown trout. Best fished a float. Kokanee and browns from the lake can be spotted in Robison creek each fall during the spawn. Camping and lodging is available.

  • Virginia Lakes - A nice group of small lakes above Bridgeport and Lee Vining, CA. The lower lakes are well stocked with rainbows. Some nice brookies can be found in back country lakes. Float tube recommended where accessibility permits. Launching fee required at lower Virginia Lake, as are waders. Camping and lodging is available in the area.

  • Weber Reservoir - a warm water fishery on the Walker River located downstream of Mason Valley ponds. Offers Largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, and Sacramento perch.

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