High Sierra Fly Casters is a member-managed club. Every club member has a say and a vote in the management of their club. That say and vote can be exercised at our monthly business meetings, which we refer to as "board meetings". Please help manage the club by attending and participating in board meetings and volunteering to make happen those things you want to see happen. See our club calendar for information about the next scheduled board meeting.

Our mission and our roles are not written in stone. Together we make the club what we want it to be. To get involved, subscribe to board mailing list and attend board meetings!  We need help in many areas, including:

We are not wedded to our management positions. We're willing to train you to do what they are currently doing... allowing you not only to take over our duties but freeing us to take on new challenges. 

Please feel free to contact club officers and coordinators to discuss club management issues. Please direct information requests to

HSFC Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of club officers and the executive director:

Club management matters may be raised to the Executive Committee by sending email to Note that this address should not be used to request information about the club and its happenings nor used to reach individual committee members.  Please direct information requests to

HSFC Coordinators

The following members hold coordinator positions.  

Where the member is the primary contact for a particular area, their position is linked to the appropriate role-based email address for email enquires in that area. Others may be contacted via the club's general enquiry email address,