Sister Clubs

Ruby Mountain Fly Fishers

Area Served: Northeastern Nevada

Programs: Reciprocity, Local Buddy


The High Sierra Fly Casters hopes to enter into sister club agreements with multiple clubs in our region. The agreement can offer one or more of the following:

Reciprocity: HSFC members may participate in the events of the sister club, and their members can participate in our events.

Local Buddy: HSFC members planning a fishing trip in an area served by a service club can ask for a local buddy, a member of the sister club, to help them with one or more aspects for their trip... maybe to get pre-trip advice on where to stay... maybe give them some on-the-water advice on how to fish one of their fisheries. Likewise, if a sister club has someone planning to come out here, we'll hook them up a local buddy.

HSFC members wanting take advantage of any of these programs with any of our sister clubs should contact us at We will then contact the counter part at our sister club to make appropriate arrangements.

If you represent a club that would like to become a HSFC sister club, please contact us at